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User ID: #10050
Username: Wardog
Gender: Male
Last Online: 12 Dec 2020, 5:08 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:14 pm

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Aisling | male | 26 | Poly-closed


Dum Spiro Spero, Dum Spero Amo, Dum Amo Vivo
While I breathe, I hope. While I hope, I love. While I love, I live.

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    • Wow, I had no idea you were pregnant, congrats, what's his name?

    • Yeah, I'll need surgery every ten years to replace the valve but it was better than dying

    • Apparently I had a near deadly infection for months without knowing it until it was about to kill me. It was luck that I went to the ER due to a fever and they found it. I now have a mechanical heart valve that ticks like a watch

    • I went in on June 5th, then had open heart surgery on June 20th, then went to a terrible terrible terrible rehab center on June 27th, then came home July 11th (my bday) and yes, now I'm doing pretty good

    • You ever wanna trade Lucifer? btw did I tell you all about my crazy hospital time

    • I'm a poop and won't get discord cause I hate people and refuse to talk to anyone, hooray! And funnily enough Quinton is my most favorite villager I own, I begged the person who had him before until they said yes xD

    • I'm soooooo sorry I never replied to your pm, my depression has been heavy lately and my talking has been few

    • Thank you so much! I obsess over painties so much and some are like my children
      I've been ok, wasting money on painties mostly

    • I figured it out as soon as I used half my brain, hi friend! This is Ambrose

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