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User ID: #102088
Username: Maitotoxin
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 27 Jan 2022, 10:01 am
Registered: 28 Jul 2017, 9:16 am

Profile description

-I am seven (7) hours ahead of Furvilla time-
My art shop in case you are interested, any bit helps :)
Any pronouns ^-^

Hello, welcome to my profile :)
I'm bi, autistic and a bit of a dumbass. My interests are a bit all over the place haha.
I love to draw and consume all kinds of media. Books, mangas, comics, shows, movies, cartoons, video games, etc.
Currently my top three interests are:
- JoJo
- Avatar the last airbender
- Detroit: become human
I'm also obsessed with furbies ^-^

Deviantart I Toyhouse I Instagram

Please mods don't kill me, my friend Kortzau used my wifi to make a profile

Notes to myself as I have quite a bad memory
(No pressure, just so I can keep track)
- none right now :)

Link to background credit
Page CSS by Reav (#71592) and can be found in this thread
The bouncing villager icon was made by noll (#12373) and is found in this thread

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    • Ty FaM

    • thank you omg

    • i'm screaming
      that brought so many memories

    • is that a club penguin pumpkin head icon omg

    • *Finger guns*
      No problemo

      You seem p cool, hope to talk sometime
      Enjoy ya day/night~

    • Thanks for the laurels :)

    • Thank you!

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