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Username: xazz
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Last Online: 18 Aug 2017, 7:59 pm
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If I don't respond to you personally I still want you to know that I'm glad you found my newbie guides helpful and I appreciate the gratitude. I just am very busy and very tired like 85% of the time and don't have the spoons to reply to everyone.

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    • Thanks for trade! <3

    • Thanks~! I'm glad you think so~ X3 And yes... My editing skills are very... basic, to put it lightly XD I hope to get a better one later on, as well as one for a costume that I planned on giving him. But that's to come at a much later date~

    • thank you for the low priced medicine!

    • The costumes give passive buffs. I justs didn't know which gave which until I actually put them on

    • Thank you for posting your guides on tumblr! They were a great help with getting started ^_^

    • Thanks for your tumblr guide! Almost up to 7 villagers myself [currently building another house] and the guide was a big help.

    • Thank you for the tumblr guide. Someone on FR linked it there, else I would have never found it. Going to revamp my whole clan it seems and start from scratch. Things will probably become easier then. =)

    • Thank you SO much for your guide on tumblr, I was so lost and couldn't figure things out, thanks to you, I now have 5 villagers and on my way to get another one ~

    • Just started reading your guides ^^

    • OOH i commented over on tumblr but THANKS SO MUCH for the guides!!! they helped a ton!!! :D

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