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User ID: #11291
Username: Moggie
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:03 pm

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dA | Tumblr | Twitter | FA
Moggie | 24 | She/They
I like to make painties! Im generally pretty friendly! I love making friends, but im a lil awkward CRIEs. I try my best to see the best out of everything!!!!!
Apologizes in advance for my slight dyslexia, the later in the day the worse it is.

tumblr_o4m12a0yki1vngcyqo5_250_by_moggie tumblr_ohrietc8hm1u6edq5o4_100_by_moggie tumblr_o4m12a0yki1vngcyqo7_100_by_moggie tumblr_ohrietc8hm1u6edq5o5_100_by_moggie

im a big dumb nerd who is garbage and listens to nightcore unironically
uses the :3c unapologetically in the most serious unnecessary situations.


Paintie info:
Status: CLOSED/open
(Somewhat open to friends only!)
I made all of my painties and then some, unless specified otherwise~

Examples: HERE!
15$- 25$ (FC equivalent)

Kingston , Pollyana , Kat

New code by: Pollyana

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Comments 66

    • i am in LOVE with your painties
      absolutely phenomenal

    • Hey moggie nice to meet you I'm meggie

    • One day

      One day

      Im going to commission you. It's on my bucket list.

    • Aaaaaa I love your profile aesthetic, 10/10 good stuff!! And hoooo your painties are literal goals, they're so nice and soft looking :OO

    • uh oh i also love your artstyle aAAAAaAAaAAAAAaAaaAAAAa

    • WOW i lov ur aesthetic!!!!!! ! so colorful so pretty and happy!! :0c

    • I am in absolute LOVE with your painties. ;_; If you ever do more and have a pinglist, could I please be added to it?

    • I love your art style omg...So pretty and colorful!

    • All of your Painties are amazing <3

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