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User ID: #113744
Username: LittleDemonTingy
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 2 Feb 2021, 6:32 pm
Registered: 6 Apr 2018, 10:42 pm

Villagers 12

Comments 34

    • I'm still on~

    • ayy I'm online rn~ :>
      I'll be waitin' ~

    • Thank you so so much for the FD!

    • Let’s see! Sent over my part and added an additional King Quail for ya :3

    • Trade on your end doesn’t seem to be going through due to inventory space? That’s what it says anyways ^^

    • Lion Stone: 350FD
      Royal Crown: 149FD
      Plush Fairies: 2FD

      Would 2 Paintie Tickets and a Pumpkin Plate work for those? I also updated my stall with some fest stuff if that’s of interest.

    • Sweet! I’ll price calc as soon as I can :3

    • I no longer need them thank you though c:

    • Got those out of stalls! Do you want me to price run things to see what adds up? I can ofc add in more as well to make sure it works out smoothly. Let me know!

    • Namely the Paintie Tickets, Tools of the Trade, Petrified Wood Ring, Pumpkin Plate, Lunar Diadem, Alicorn, Vampire Bat Buddy, Yo Yo of Doom, and maybe the little Bronto if you don’t mind me trying to trade for a Triceratops. I’ve got my stall I can offer, and certainly a good bit of Plunder too if that’s more your style. I’ll be able to calculate those up better once the shop opens off

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