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Username: LocoLupine
Gender: Male
Last Online: 14 Mar 2021, 11:21 pm
Registered: 26 May 2018, 5:04 pm

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Hi there! I'm a little late to the party, but I am here nonetheless and I come with a bubbling sense of excitement and a lot to share with everyone here! But first off, I am Salem Malik but I sometimes go by shortened versions or ironic nicknames all the time. I also go by the name of LocoLupine in a lot of places, so if you find the somewhere else without meaning to, chances are it's me!
22 ┋ Cancer ♋ ┋ Loves working on computers

Current Favorite Quote:
I was put on this Earth to do one thing. Luckily I forgot what it was so I can do whatever I want.


I make strange connections with things like my villagers having a pet that is the opposite of their gender. This usually involves figuring out what sort of villager they are and what their companion might be, finding and then buying the animal from other's stalls and possibly a breeding potion if I need one..
And I fit my villagers with the costumes and roles that I see them with, even if the benefits they get aren't in line with their profession. "Whoops"
(Finishing this later!) - See how much I procrastinate?
Can I just skip to the part of my life where I life with a fennec fox in the middle of the woods close to a small town?
I tend to also take notes wherever and whenever I think of something, so there might be some notes on characters as I flesh some of them out, on their Toyhou.se profiles, ect. so everything is a work in progress!

Villagers 8

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    • Hello i just moved to Old Foxbury, can i have some help

    • Ah, well, you must have missed the great Batbat and candy infestation at Halloween, or when they first introduced ladybeetles and buzzs, I think it got up to well over 100 pages both times, all of the same few things.

    • You're welcome :D

      (Though my true aim is a seemingly hopeless endeavour to have Olde Foxbury on top for how many items have been taken from the tree, need 30'000 to beat Dragons Maw Manor, and another 30'000 to surpass Quetzal Palace :P )

    • There is a paintie resizing guild here, they resize your paintie for free!

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