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User ID: #12636
Username: Felispirit
Gender: Female
Last Online: 2 Oct 2022, 2:36 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:07 pm

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[The Weird Sparkle Leopard
Feli ✧ 18 ✧ Digital Artist ✧ She/Her ✧ Offline
Furvilla Time +17 Hours

Hi there! Im Feli and am usually somewhere around
collecting various things in this game or flight rising and
drawing. I have a huge passion for drawing and art and
regardless of where life is taking me I think i will always
come back to drawing cute little furry animals. My
fursona or main villager is Naiya the Snow Leopard.

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All art on this page is by me.

Forum Signature art by Healingpotions

Villagers 12

Comments 115

    • Cool uwu! It's really funny cause if you compare my painties, it's a huge difference? Like take Sad's gross old paintie and the newer ones like Galaphobia and Pretty, it just makes me wanna hurry up and get to work with getting paintie tickets uwu". Some day I'll achieve my dream village.
      I'll stop too- you don't really need your page filled with my ridiculous profile picture haha. I'll definitely shoot you a pm, it's nice having someone to talk to!

    • Sweet, I'll go put it in now -w-! You actually just reminded me about how much my villagers need to be paintied- they're a mess uwu. I have a few done, and theres a picture of the paintie in their bios. I'm getting off track, but seriously again, thanks dude!

    • No problem dude, I've been pretty inactive so I get where you're coming from! I'm literally so sorry if I come off as a creep, I just seriously am still so excited?
      I just edited my CSS for a bit so it should be a bit better to the eye. Hopefully I'll do a big change to it later on? (You don't mind me adding the art of Palm you did to his toyhouse, right? Sorry! `v`)

    • aaaH my god <3 This is crazy awesome, seriously aa. I've been a huge fan of your art for a while, about two years to be exact! I feel so excited like? I literally can't put into words how happy I am?? Tysm my dude! <33 Your art is hecking amazing like ok.
      If you'd like me to take this comment down or anything, I'll take it down :o

    • do you take fd for commissions?

    • Your very welcome ^w^

    • omg feli, i didnt know you had furvilla! :3

    • Your fursona is lovely. <3

    • Adorable arts! Eloise <3

    • You deserve the pattern book! Your an amazing artist!

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