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User ID: #128814
Username: Hawkspirit
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 18 Jan 2020, 6:36 pm
Registered: 12 Mar 2019, 6:35 pm
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Hi! I’m am Hawkspirit! I’m female and absolutely love furries! I’m new here so if you could give me some tips, It would be great if you could hit me up! Bye!

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    • Sorry about the huge delay; the holiday kept me busy _ @; If you're still looking for help with warriors, let me know! I'd be happy to give some pointers and share a few links to good resources~

    • Here's a beginner's guide that might help! n_n if you have any more questions feel free to ask me anytime ♡

    • I need help. How do i get more villagers without trading my current ones?

    • I replied to you on my wall, Idk if you saw it. Hopefully it gave you a notif. but probably not.

    • You too! And thank you!

    • Ok, I have that! Sending it over C:
      (Forgot to say this earlier-- Have a good day/night!)

    • Snow, my villager who is sick, has Vertigo and it can be cured with Height sedation

    • Hold on lemme check real quick and you are soooooooo kind!

    • No problem! I'll send one over very soon. Also, what medicine does your villager need? You can also search up the medicine and buy it. I think I pinged you in a forum saying this, but idk if you saw it ;w;
      I can also send over some medicine if I have what you need

    • oh! i had no idea! thank you for the offer! i just got here yesterday so i am fairly new. I will accept the offer since one of my villagers has an illness and i have no doctor. so thank you for that!

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