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User ID: #1289
Username: Seraph
Gender: Fuck is a gender?
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:06 pm

Profile description

| dragon | mutt | seraph | weeb lord |
| 23 | trans non-binary | asexual |
| I may refer to myself as he/she sometimes |
| but refer to me strictly as they/them, unless i know you personally, thanks |
| im not a overly very friendly or sociable person, sorry |
| INFP |
| not a furry, just enjoying the art and roleplay |
| mains a boomkin on WoW |

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Comments 30

    • Tyty fam!

    • *wiggles @ your siggy and icon* I love OnS a ton and it always makes me happy to see other people that like it! Just droppin by to say hi!

    • Ooooh you're the first OnS person I've seen on furvilla! o: Nice siggy and icon!

    • Knew it. I am/was Saphire/Vankier :P

    • I recognize the dragon on your profile. You were on ichumon and paladore right?

    • No Seraph Velociraptors?

    • Aaaah, sorry for the random comment, but what anime is the gif in your signature from? It's beautiful I remember a friend of mine absolutely loved it, but for the life of me I can't find it! ^^'

    • i went mostly by meikaji on my main, although i also had accounts named rellik and ephemeral. corina was my mate on my main, idk if you'd know them from their time as a mod? people tend to remember them first LOL

    • yes, a good anime and manga

    • Yeaaah, seems like everyone turns super grouchy in the end
      No site community is immune to the grouch-virus xD
      But hey, there we go - least one good thing came out of all this chaos :D

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