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User ID: #129664
Username: Mollymauk
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 24 Jan 2021, 8:58 am
Registered: 2 Apr 2019, 12:23 am

Profile description

Salutations, i'm Mollymauk!

I'm introverted and have anxiety so I don't interact much

Basilisk Chicken (Natural 1)
50+ villagers
Octopus paintie
Peacock paintie

Villagers 39

Comments 3

    • Would you trade the Mysterious Ear Headband in your stall for any of the olde foxbury event items in my stall?

    • Definitely. Taliesan has just been the embodiment of what so many queer kids need to see right now, and it's a wonderful thing to behold. He's just so happy and comfortable with himself that he's reached out a hand for the rest of us. His characters are soul-touching, and so is he. What a great guy, honestly. Long May He Reign. <3

    • Exactly!!!!! All of Taliesan's characters have appeared during very tough times for me, and they're all so touching. Molly and Percy are the two fictional characters that have changed my life more than anything else! I'm not super far into Crit!2 but I know what happened to him and I've never been more distraught in my life when my friend let it slip!!! ;n;

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