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User ID: #135537
Username: River_Is_Blue
Gender: Female
Last Online: 27 Feb 2020, 7:42 am
Registered: 3 Jun 2019, 2:33 pm
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Profile description

Hello! My name's Riverpatch, but you can also call me River! I like Warriors, Pokemon, WoF, tea, drawing, and tacos.

While I am a newer user, I have lots of stuff and if you'd like to make a trade, just ask!

One last thing-I am working on making a village and I was inspired by Pikabolt! Go check their profile out!

Welcome to Greatclaw, a developing town in Dragonsmaw Manor! There isn't much here yet, but we're all working on it!

If you'd like a new pet for one of your villagers, go to Aoi's stables! She has a small collection of animals able to breed, and if you come by on the right day, you might be lucky enough to take one home with you!

Villagers 10

Comments 4

    • Hey, do you still have that battle ant? I'm lacking one for my gallery.

    • Hi! I see you like all of my favorite things too lol

    • Thanks!

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