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    • From what I read, the Thai flavour is similar to popcorn? Not a fan of popcorn, so that's a no from me. The tapioca pearls tasted fine, but made me feel queasy after a while. I know they also have mango balls as well as jelly so I might give it another shot; apparently tapioca pearls and fruit balls are different. I think I'll either go for watermelon or milk tea next. The milk tea is apparently a black tea, and that's my favourite! Not sure what kind of flavour pearls/jelly to get for that, though. Caffeine should really only be in the ones with actual tea in it, so the fruit ones are probably fine.

    • where frog

    • Taro sounds odd. It's some sort of root vegetable? Doesn't seem all too appetizing. Honeydew is my second favourite fruit (next to blueberry - which I would never get tea of), so it was the first and only tea I've ever tried. I tried the tapioca pearls at first but found they'd lose their flavour after only two or three chews? (Unless you're supposed to swallow them whole or something and I was just eating them wrong, lol??) I usually just get the jelly. They had green apple jelly at first that I loved but they don't carry it anymore so I go with mango instead. I should expand my horizons and try a new flavour. Maybe a traditional milk tea or coconut. Or watermelon, because that's always good.

    • Ahhhh that makes sense! The upload a photo and then use the bbc code. I usually post the images on here, but that makes sense with the other pics.

    • Your name is treefrog but you got no frog, I don’t know what to believe

    • I think I’ll make it for a day or two, thank you for that apple

    • no, it was a random amanita image I'd grabbed from the internet. I thought using the [img] tags would make the photo appear. Apparently not on a profile, and there's no way for me to edit it =p. something I didn't realize until afterwards.

    • I'm so sorry about Amanita's broken image =(. I didn't realize it was going to do that, or I wouldn't have posted it as a comment on your lovely girl's profile. It was an image of the mushrooms ^,^

    • Thanks haha its artwork from Kaneoya Sachiko! I love her stuff!

    • Haw haw lol yes they be cronchy indeed qwq the scorpions taste like cronchy nothingness

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