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Username: Somnire
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 17 Aug 2019, 10:10 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:31 pm

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Celeste | Virgo | he/him | 20
tumblr | art blog | flight rising
transgender freelancing artist

i like space, dreams, and peaches

i spend a lot of my time roleplaying and i will gladly RP with anybody here! just send me a message and we can talk about what we'll do! C: all of my villagers are available for RP!

i am not doing paintie commissions!


tumblr_inline_ntnhl58lrv1t78dpp_500.gifAriadne's Pharmacytumblr_inline_ntnhl58lrv1t78dpp_500.gif

Prices will range from anywhere between
200 furcoins.gif and 1000 furcoins.gif.

25-bottled-rainstorm.png 21-height-sedation.png 23-allergy-paste.png 19-feathering-lotion.png 27-medicinal-gauze.png


tumblr_inline_ntnhl58lrv1t78dpp_500.gifW I S H L I S Ttumblr_inline_ntnhl58lrv1t78dpp_500.gif

200 furdollars.gif
70-spooky-costume.png 68-reaper-costume.png 61-diver-costume.png


pixel teapot | tiny peaches

Villagers 6

Comments 47

    • I know so >U<

    • of course! O: and your work really shows +U+

    • Please feel free to hmu if you upload any new painties or anything, your characters are adorable and I'd love to see more of them.

    • Ari certainly succeeds and gets ton of compliments from me I love the aestehtic and xe looks amazing. as for lee i would wear that alien sweater irl so I feel him.

    • omg ari is so fashionable and lee is a huge dork I love them so much, a+ job

    • ooh I would love to see their outfits if I can? I like fashion c:

    • you could also just get the currency required for any of the QP costumes and do a trade notice saying you'd be willing to trade any of them for the costume you want, that way you're not tied to just someone looking for a faerie costume? also that polyvore idea is a great one wow

    • Thank you he just really likes clothes a lot and I do not have the cans for his array of fashion. I did make his feets tinier as if I had not I have friends who would have shouted at me. but clothes are hard and it's summer and I'm too lazy for this. Later though. At least with Deux I used a costume on him so I cheated a little bit, you're in QP so there are tons of cute costumes out of there I think??? You might could cheat.

      oh godds I have actually DONE that though, I have like three books that I've done for nanowrimo and they're all three of them various levels of James Bond fanfiction AUs with names changed to protect me. I have cyberpunk space opera AU, mage university adventure AU, and lets all go to Arkham Massachusetts in 1920 and fight cultists AU.

    • It's like oh I will totally do full outfits and then I'm on arcturus who usually looks like this here but got finished with the scarf and was like no nope nope I'm done (i hope that url code works)

      I have so many fancharacters ahhh which Elekt is technically a fan character because when I was younger I was obsessed with the neopets faeries??? and this was before they actually had good art and were still faceless amalgamations but man I had a whole hierarchy of faye thanks to that and now it's like... so far away from the core concept I could write a grimdark fantasy series about my faye and just cry myself to sleep like "you will always know, and your friends will always know, this was inspired by a petsite"

    • You gave Ariadne a really cute sweater but if it's too much to do the clothing at first (it was for me which is why Elekt is the only one with actual clothes on because I run out of spoons fast) you could do little character references in your own art style and put them on the lookup pages so people can see their fashion styles.

      Most of my children post-date me leaving highschool and the ones that are mine-mine mostly came from a shop I ran in the minishops thread on Gaia or from Neopets RP. In that five of my children are actually fandom references because I'm a cad, but the original babbies are Arcturus, Elekt, Lunesta, Ilmarinen, and Aure.

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