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I am just a simple farmer selling my wares.

eek eek squeak


cute picture of me and my bae @felixillie by Cutetoboewolf on Deviantart

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    • !!!!!!!!!!! GOSH YOU'RE GERAT!!!!!!

    • Monsters are great! And being afraid of crawly things like that is actually part of why I got into them; I find knowing more about what you are scared of makes them less scary, or the fear more rational. I promise you you have nothing to fear from spiders; any spider really unless you have an allergy. They are very docile creatures, and even ones considered 'highly venomous' for a spider is actually no danger to a non allergic adult human at all. They usually don't need medical treatment and most patients of spider bites are admitted to hospitals as a precaution. Also, most of what you see online as pictures of 'spider bites' are actually misdiagnosed bacterial infections, as a spider bite can only be id if the spider is present, and usually testing after the initial diagnoses shows that it is not a spider bite, but news doesnt like to take up the correction because 'sensationalism'. Sorry for info dump its Just What Happens

    • You got some cool interests according to the thread! ;3

    • You got some cool interests according to the thread! ;3


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