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User ID: #16883
Username: atheris
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jun 2019, 8:49 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:03 pm

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cf9edb00-7abc-11e6-b739-1b0a42db2c35.gif. I like cats and naps.1cbfda63-7ab4-11e6-b726-1b0a42db2c35.gif

hello I'm your cool lesbian rum aunt and I love you

I don't really live here anymore and my computer has been broken a while so I'm on hiatus from digital art for the next foreseeable forever

I do everything from my phone please excuse my inability to type

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    • Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I never replied sooner, I hope you're doing great!

    • Holy shit thats even more fitting

      the character has a snake theme

      and of course I remembered!

    • Ok so. I had made a character and I needed a name and I got a strange idea to name her Athris

      I wasnt sure where it came from
      and then I realised it was from seeing your username around, I liked you username and now I have a character named after you by accident

    • Hey nauna my fav cousin I cannot get online from my ps4 or xbox one.

    • I'm soooo sorry I just saw your friend code comment. Yes I'd love to exchange, mine is 2277-6995-2104

    • I'm glad! I try for good memes every few weeks to spice up my profile.
      And pretty much just collecting painties actually xD I'm finally reaching the point where they're all keepers, which is hard for me but also very nice feeling when I can manage it

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