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User ID: #16883
Username: atheris
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jun 2019, 8:49 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:03 pm

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cf9edb00-7abc-11e6-b739-1b0a42db2c35.gif. I like cats and naps.1cbfda63-7ab4-11e6-b726-1b0a42db2c35.gif

hello I'm your cool lesbian rum aunt and I love you

I don't really live here anymore and my computer has been broken a while so I'm on hiatus from digital art for the next foreseeable forever

I do everything from my phone please excuse my inability to type

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    • Hi there! I'm trying to figure out if I know you from deviantart :D

    • AHHH I LOVE IT!!! my big handsome man.......... he just wants to make u happy :')

    • i love adel with all my heart even if hes just an albino liger LMAO!! but thank u ;; i hope to be recognized as "hey its alxq and adel good shit"

    • grassbeasts are good... to be associated with it is honestly a blessing
      ive changed my icon a total of like, maybe two times (im not counting this one bc its just the other icon w stripes on it like adel LMAO)

    • uuuu thank u ;;; theyre all my children i love them............................
      im planning to put in more children (bless that 50k fc slot) but ive gotta work on the ones ive got for now HAHA your kids are just as cute too, i associate you with scrump a lot!! tell aiden i love sparky too ;;

    • Thats ok! I got a job too a few weeks ago so I've been busy with that, working and lacking time for making pixels makes me sad D: but its life so

      good luck!! I hope to see you around after the site opens <3

    • Hope youre having a nice day <3 :3 I love your pixels! Every day I look at mine and just a happy reminder haha.

    • Same, now the homework is starting to pile up, haven't had much time for art and such :p

    • How have you been lately? c:

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