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User ID: #17180
Username: Sereniti
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 11:25 pm

Profile description

Hi, I'm Espee, or Ren.
I'm very friendly but usually don't have much to say.
Espee the espeon is my persona.
I like avocados, sleeping, loud music, warm hugs, Minecraft, and cold drinks.

27 - They/She - Artist

Village Lore: Ren, Kief, Miu, Vee and Meru were outcasts and created a village; the other inhabitants are friendly celestial beings who wanted to do some good and experience parts of the physical realm, so they joined this village and do their part. Recently a new friend has joined the now ever-growing town, a wickerbeast named Omni, just appeared out of thin air!
What this means, no one is quite sure yet, everyone is just happy to have another on board to help with the village!

CSS is by Whipptail

-FC for villager slots
-Royal Costume
-Mythic Costume

Villagers 22

Comments 20

    • thanks! i love all of your galaxy villagers ^^

    • that i am not sure, but i would like to be friends with you if you want.

    • Haha my pleasure, im glad he found a home so quickly! Enjoy your new companion and may he serve you well!

    • Your profile is lovely! :3

    • youre welcome!! and thank u too! <3

    • i love ur painties omg!! the space ones are so cool!

    • No problem. I saw you on the tulpa thread and you seem cool. :D

    • I love your pastel babus!

    • Thanks... it was hard to do.. I so had lots of help

    • It did <3 Thank you again for breeding them with me!

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