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User ID: #17784
Username: EmoCookies
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 19 Apr 2021, 4:36 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:17 am

Profile description

Hello, I'm just a simple emo trash can.
I am female so she/her but I won't get mad at he/him
I'm gray-ace and pansexual
I'm in a lot of fandoms:
Doctor Who
The new MacGyver series
Many, MANY bands (Except for 5 Seconds of Summer, they're posers)
Phan (some YouTubers in general)
Warrior Cats
Lion King (is this even a fandom)
Flight Rising
Some Homestuck
Fantage (rip lol)
~Just ask and I'll tell!~
@/not.kobra.kidding on Instagram
I'm -2 hours behind FurVilla time

Villagers 3

Comments 12

    • haha! heck yeah *highfives*

    • hit me up if you ever need some advice, fam

    • JayMerrick Thanks! And I've tried to use the guide on wiki but it didn't work for me :/ cri

    • ey! Love the villager names!

      Also if you're having trouble with css you could check the CSS Guide on the wiki! It helped when I was making my profile.

    • @Wither Thanks! I found it on google images but there was no watermark or credit so do I feel little bad /).(\

    • the lil pixel in your sig is adorable im scremin

    • I see what you're doing with your villagers. I also does like the MCR. I approve of what you are doing.

    • jam ur gram

    • ok
      send me a jamagram lol

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