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Username: Arle
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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You may call me Arle/Madz

23 | ♀ | ♏


In a relationship with Silver Automatic.

♥ My sunshine, my best friend, my protector, my love ♥


My villagers specialize in animal husbandry, farming, and potion making! We can brew any morphing potion you'd like, just send us the materials!

And please check out my custom and pre-made paintie shop and my pet/studding shop!

Feel free to drop me a message if you have questions, or would like to chat.

Please don't send me random friend requests unless we've spoken before!

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    • May I ask though, a lot of painties have slightly coloured shading/tints. Mine's normal grey shading makes it look kind of washed out. Could you perhaps add a purple tint to the shading?

    • Did you know that purple paintie you did for that gembound is now my fursona? <3
      I saw the paintie when i brought them months ago and fell in love
      i already have a tiny art hoard and some backstory to them

    • Well mainly I'm at work. XD I can't do much ATM. I saw you sent a transfer and when I went to send her it was rejected? So should I just send as a villager transfer and you send the FD as a currency transfer? I've never used the trades.

    • I noticed the numbers were not quite right but had thought you'd merely quit after the brown result since at that point I could do the rest without bothering you, lol, but you were valiant and true and completed the whole task yourself! Bravo, kind soul. Bravo!

    • Jan Brett is one of my favorite illustrators! I'll never have the same patience she has for painting knit textures.

    • Thank you! (':

    • Thanks for the doges!

    • Thank you soooo much, Dark Crystal is so much <3

    • good to know, thanks! i'm in love with fallon btw.

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