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User ID: #178558
Username: Sus47
Gender: Female
Registered: 10 Apr 2020, 7:11 am

Profile description

If you're just beggining your experience on Furvilla I'll gladly help you with some items I have or furcoins!
Don't hesitate to ask me to be friends if you want to. I can even give you my discord if you'd like!
I hope you have a good day and I wish you luck with your future!

Here's my wishlist! :D
2898-winter-wonderland-festive-kitsune.p 5476-winter-nap-kitsune-plushie.png 3338-armour-of-the-divine-kitsune.png 2390-dark-orchid-mystic-kitsune.png 2897-happy-holly-festive-kitsune.png 4046-kitsune-spirit-amulet.png 4051-kitsune-spirit-fox-fire-whip.png 4048-kitsune-spirit-headdress.png 4050-kitsune-spirit-shield.png 2726-lil-witchy-spooky-kitsune.png 3869-pumpkin-spice-witchy-kitsune.png 2391-star-guardian-mystic-kitsune.png 2725-vampire-spooky-kitsune.png
2992-mischievous-fh-plushie.png 5547-sheeps-wool-cloak.png 3175-warriors-mystery-bag.png 3207-consumable-bag.png 3206-mystery-bag.png 3139-mysterious-bag-of-mystery.png
573-breeding-potion.png 3006-flailadon-morphing-potion.png 3553-fancy-plant-drink.png 571-species-morphing-potion.png
5583-magic-capricorn-sticker.png 5698-magic-aries-sticker.png 6185-magic-libra-sticker.png

Here's an example of my art when I actually try :^)



My Sketchers United account :^)

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    • Wow, vibes from the astral plane??? :0c
      Lol, I'm kidding, haha, well, I won't make you sad or anything by rejecting it then, lol. :3
      thanks btw, that's so nice of you to say, aha. ;w;

    • But why give me a gift? You didn't even post below me. XD

    • Hello! I posted after you for the wish thread, would you mind waiting a day? I have something in mind but I need to wait a day T^T

    • You're welcome! ( ◠ ◠ )

    • Your welcome! I got them from training my warrior

    • You're welcome! Glad you liked them! ^^

    • Thank you n_n

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