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User ID: #182080
Username: NewAlpha
Gender: Traumacore rat boy
Last Online: 13 Feb 2022, 8:33 am
Registered: 15 May 2020, 12:24 pm

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Omega / Evan / RATz
[The Rat Kings System]
Polyfragmented Traumagenic system
Skate Park Goer™️

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    • I absolutely LOVE when a group of about 7 kids with two electric razor scooters, a beat up skate board and a two kick scooters show up. I LOVE when at least half of them completely snake me and I nearly crash into them. I LOVE when they all dump their stuff where people are trying to skate /s

      This is a completely open letter to all parents who decide to drop off their like 6 year olds at a public skate park then drive off:
      You are a horrible parent.
      You contribute very little to society by doing this.
      Your kids can get hurt like this.
      If I knock your six year old off a high ramp he is going to get hurt.
      If you let your kid literally jump in front of teenagers and young adults skateboarding, rollerblading and scootering at high speeds, you need serious psychiatric help.
      Please stay away from the rest of society.
      I know this sounds strongly worded but the people at the skatepark are NOT YOUR BABY SITTER THEY ARE NOT THERE TO WATCH YOUR KIDS..

    • right now you're talking to vanessa and morphie <3

    • it's fine, we've just been really bad lately
      (and the post in the current thoughts wasnt about you, that was an honest mistake)
      nice to see another system here

    • Could you please refer to us as "you guys"? It's what we'd prefer.
      And we're not doing to well. Morphie is too afraid to front because of how stressed he is on finals, which leaves all of us to try and act like him so our parents dont think something's amiss, which makes it even more exhausting.
      So, not great.

    • hello there

    • heya! OSDD trauma genic system here! we're happy to see another system on here :D

    • aaah thank you!

    • I won't worry about you all, but please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything- and it's quite alright, take your time.

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