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User ID: #188025
Username: 1agentchase
Gender: Male
Last Online: 30 Nov 2021, 8:09 am
Registered: 26 Jul 2020, 11:51 pm

Profile description

Howdy folks! Chase here, just a happy little bluejay hoppin' round an' sellin' whatever comes my way
I gots plenty t'give an plenty t'spend, if y'need somethin just let me know an' I'll help ya find it in no time
Currently workin' on some data collection an' whatnot, shoot me a message if'n y'wanna chat details
Feel free t'wander my little neck of the woods'n chat with the locals
Most of 'em ain't much the talkin' type, but I'se had a few good chats with Sanjay an' Estar


Execute the Harbinger ✓
Medicines Mastered: 25/26
Free Faeries bred: 29
Become a Fancy Plant Drink dealer

Time: FurVilla +1hr
He/Him, 20, New England
Discord: 1agentchase#2613
Minecraft: 1agentchase
Shoot me a message!

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    • Thanks for shopping at my stall!

    • Thanks for shopping at my shop!

    • thank you for being such a frequent buyer!

    • Thank you so much for buying from me!

    • oh wow... I see that you are a frequent buyer in my store, I thank you. I'm glad you like my prices nwn

    • Thank you for shopping at my stall! :)

    • 1agentchase, Thank you for your stall help. Very appreciated.

    • Tysm for shopping at my stall <3 it really helps me out

    • Hey! Thanks for buying items from my stall! It means a lot! You seem pretty cool! I hope a bunch of good luck comes your way!

    • No problem, I am putting the hot coco fairies to good use getting equipment up to 130 grade for another legacy battle ground farming warrior.

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