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User ID: #18924
Username: CARACAL
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 2:39 am

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pechaberry.png she/they pechaberry.png

time zone: est (fv+1)

profile commissions: on hiatus

i'm a young, socially anxious multimedia artist with a love for cats and a rad boyfriend. i enjoy color palettes, metaphysics, minimalism, nature, and video games. fav titles include pokemon, borderlands, skyrim, assassin's creed, the legend of zelda, and terraria. find me on twitter.

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    • Your page is gorgeous! ♥

    • Oh my golly? Your page is amazing I'm s o impressed wow.

    • Aw, thank you! I really like your profile, too. ^-^

    • I 'met' caracals around age of 14, when joining a rp forum and it was like a love at first sight. I opened the wiki page and was stunned by that smart, pretty face and the more I researched, the more I loved them, ahaha. I really do love pretty much all animals, though, or at least think they have their space in this world. Maybe except for mosquitoes, ehehe.

      Yay for fellow pretzels, though I might vacation in few other places just to get seeds and pets. Is there any pets you're interested in? The forums don't work right now when I write this, but my profile has link to my thread where I trade and give away pets. :3

      And it definitely was okay to send me fr, thank you!!

    • i don't mind at all! i think I've been practicing for only about a year now, so not a long time. it's been a bit hard because most of the time i need to keep it on a down-low as i live with religious parents when im not in school ; v;

    • Caracals are my VERY FAVORITE animals and felines, and that's saying something considering how much I like animals and nature! And on top of it, you're also fellow pretzel (from QP).

    • oh man, thank you so much!! and really? that's awesome. i love finding other's who share similar interests, especially when it comes to those because i don't know a ton of folks who are into such, \ ovo /

    • Hello. You're my favorite user here. Period.

    • you have a really neat profile :D i love the layout

    • o hey there fellow sufferer how do ya do? tbh i do love where i live but it does get to be a bit Much sometimes haha. also your profile is rly awesome wtf?? excellent job!

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