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Username: llZoeyll
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    • yeah, they do since its such a needed product for the current oceandome event

    • just wanted to let you know
      you're really underpricing the pine wood planks
      the next highest price is 20k per plank
      so you're losing out on like 15500k of profit

    • !! Thank you so much! <3

    • No problem. ^w^
      Erm, I don't know, I hate asking for things aaa >m<
      But I was wanting to save up for the blueberry cheesecake adopt seen on this thread:
      You don't have to, but I'm having trouble saving up on a site that I'm basically quitting other than stalking the forums when I'm bored, so if you don't mind, any help I can get trying to get it would be very much appreciated. ;o;

    • Or if you want, I could send over a gala dress for it? I know it's not as much, but it looks like some more durability was added to it, and I feel bad asking for it anyway. ;;
      But if you'd rather keep it, I understand, aha

    • That's where it went! Aa, glad it as found. ^^;
      I feel horrible asking for it, and you'll probably put more use into it than I ever will (was planning on selling some old beta/past event items to transfer currency to my FR account), so if you'd like, you can keep it...?

    • Hey, sorry to be a bother, but did I happen to accidentally leave my shield of discourse on Nectar/Born in June when I transferred them over? I've been looking everywhere and I have no idea where it is. ;;

    • hello friend i hope youre well!

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