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User ID: #200898
Username: vintagecoyote
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 6 Jun 2022, 9:31 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2020, 9:05 pm

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about me!
hey! i'm coyote. i'm a furry artist who plays pet games in my free time! i use the username "vintagecoyote" on most websites! i'm new to furvilla, nice to meet you!

deviantART | furaffinity | twitter


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    • It’s not a CSS, just BBCode! It’s not necessarily a tutorial, but it’s mentioned in one of the BBCode articles in the Furvilla Knowledgebase.
      To do the boxes on your profile, use [quote]whatever content you’d like[/quote] inside the profile description boxes! And for a center alignment like mine you have to use the [center] [/center] within each code box instead of just at the beginning and end of the whole thing.
      I hope I helped you out!

    • LOVE!

    • Of course, no problem ^^

    • Hey there, I saw you bought a recipe from my stall- do you need more? I think I have a few tucked away someplace lol

    • hey, its skye! do you mind if i add you as a friend on here? :o

    • Howdy. :>

    • ofc!! thank u 4 the welcome!! ♡♡

    • Love!

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