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User ID: #20352
Username: Caffiend
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 3 Jan 2020, 2:22 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:36 am

Profile description

I never know what really to put into these things but i assure people im a friendly. I am Kazuya, or just Kaz. Male and 22. Love coffee, really shy. I play lots of games from Minecraft to MapleStory 2
I have a discord if you want that and a steam if you want that too.

im sorry, but due to issues arising at home, i may or may not be spotty or here at all due to possibly losing both my internet and my power as we cant make the bills meet. I apologize to anyone i may have commissions with as they may take much longer than expected, the same applies to any adopts i may make. I am deeply sorry.

Paintie below by SerenityStarla, thank you so much!!

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    • OoO
      FurVilla Staff, thank you for all the stuff!
      I know its a little dumb to write messages like these on my own profile in hopes someone will see them, but thank you! Also, love the little messages on the items, lovely touch!

    • Using my own profile as another way of saying thanks, thank you so much FurVilla staff! I love all the gifts and i hope you all are having a good day/night!

    • If you ever see this Fairy 707
      thank you for the 50 fc

      and ay

    • I remade his potion and took it to the potion shop to choose a custom color to get a skull. If you want a new wicker color i'll gladdly make you another potion

    • I need to update your CSS when I get a chance

    • I got a pink wickerbeast !

    • Ha. My dragon Mnementh's name is actually directly inspired from my recollection of Skies of pern. Nice catch on noticing.

    • Boop Boop Ur wicker potion will be done soon <3

    • Omg ur BG got teeny also I'll have a wicker potion for you as soon as I have an alchemist villager and the stuff for it which will be soon c8

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