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Username: RippleStarShards
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Last Online: 17 Jan 2024, 11:59 pm
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    • A purple deer, at least you think is a deer, comes to your door. “Trick or Treat!” She yells, her horns swaying as she bounces from foot to foot excitedly.

    • thank u for the gift!!! :3

    • I played the ending the other day and OH GOSH I SEE WHAT YOU MEANT.
      I knew it was gonna be lowkey horror but that was nuts lol!

    • I've completed everyones quests so far that were available except some mail tasks, the last party with Filbo, and the Isle of Bigsnax quests (which I'm focusing on when I play rn)

    • Isnt it such a cute game? I have wanted it for ages but I didnt realize how dark the undertones were till I played more. I am a major completionist too so I am trying to get all the achievements and everything unlocked in my journal/house. Actually a little hyperfixated on that game lately lol

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