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User ID: #22099
Username: Lokisenna
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 Jun 2018, 6:41 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:03 am

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Loki|Female|19|ENFP|Australia|GMT 9:30+

Hey all, I'm Loki, it's nice to meet you! I am a furry artist that loves Petsites and this place is just awesome. I cannot wait to get to know some of you more. you may also call me Azy. I'm commonly known as Loki or Lokisenna wherever I go. You can find me on Furry Network, Deviantart, Rescreatu, Kaylune, Fur Affinity (rarely) and Tumblr (which is Loki-senna).

I currently am in the second year of my three year Bachelor of Animal Science and I hope to be able to work with Tasmanian Devils or all Australian Wildlife for a living.

I love to roleplay and play games. I am a fan of several animes and cartoons and if I'm not doing anything you can generally find me online. I love to chat so please feel free to pm me!

Finally, I'm a Christian so I may say or do things that might be out of place or not correct to others. If that happens give me a little nudge and I'll be happy to take your advice, listen to your explanation, or explain why I said something. I do try really hard to be respectful of everyone's personal opinions and choices within my beliefs.

Thanks so much for getting through all that dialogue! You seriously are a trooper. Azaelia's Paintie (if it is uploaded at this time) is my Fursona

Paintie Commissions Thread.
I make Paintie Edits and Customs I take FC/FD/USD

Commission Progress
Meerkat for BrindleFinch
Drake for Sigma

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    • gASP

      you, the creator of seidr.. i adore him and i am so happy I got him.

      thank you for releasing him, I love him to bits.

    • ah, I see. i'll give him a good home, promised! i appreciate your generosity ^^

    • hey, i picked up a wanderer that had a paintie on it! in the description, it read, "paintie by Lokisenna". did you lose this cutie?

    • Here is your pillowing's archive page. :)


    • Did you still want to rp?

    • ahhh he's so pretty ;A; i'll take good care of him, i promise!

    • I PLAN TO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LOVE HIM god that paintie is gorgeous did you make it???

    • sounds like a plan <3

    • Yes! Sadly other then that post I'll be taking paypal comissions I hope thats ok!! It's only 4$ usd <:

    • masquefeir.deviantart.com :3

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