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Username: Aisling
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 3:59 pm

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Hi so. Uh.

I'm Emily or better known (probably) as Iceh on many places and websites etc. o:

I'm a 24 year old graphic design graduate and I like pet sites and games and junk. yeehaw.

I'll add more junk later probs.

Always looking for more FD! Feel free to PM.
100 FC = 1 FD ratio

Other places:

Iceh #32619 on Aywas
Iceh @ Deviantart
Iceh @ FA
Miss-Millymoose @ Tumblr

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    • I am just so full of love, you know.. ..and I need more.

    • YEAH this was actually planned like after the first trip in January, the one where I went down to texas in between was sudden and spur of the moment. I MEAN YEAH THAT'S TRUE I might try to pick it up again later, I do wanna try to get some costumes and stuff and Dutchies / Wicker Potions. I'd kill for a Gembond hehe that's my SHIT.,

      Awh shit hows the sunburn doing?? BE CAREFUL AND STAY HYDRATED BBY ALWAYS BRING WATER ON THE POKEWALKIES. It's always good to prepare snacks and stuff if you know you'll be out for awhile. ;w; I hope you're doing okay aaaaaa don't die on me. BUT A MAPLE DONUT SOUNDS GOOD without the bacon tho. HO DANG DAT LEVEL JUMP NICE did you lucky egg / evolve spree? :D Hows you area look for pokestops wise??

      Also it's totally cool i don't mind you're also bff on the lines. <33 OH I GOT A NEW PHONE NUMBER I SHOULD GIVE U THAT

    • I MEAN maybe i'll play more in like a week and a half or so?? I'm having my bae over therefore me on the internet is pretty nonexistent :'D

      DUDE I KNOW RIGHT I went to the park and it was HOPPIN' i totally almost suffered from heat exhaustion because im dumb but the POKEMON WERE WORTH


    • Thanks yeah c:

    • Oh hey!! Haha I'm glad to see Veysha is recognizable, I wanted to make her my first paintie to match her being my first custom on Aywas~

      Welcome here!

    • ITS COOL IM GLAD YOU'RE HAVING FUN I just like fell off because i also really haven't had the time to play. :'D POKEMON GO FINALLY IS IN MY GRASP SO....

      I N F I N I T E V I L L I A G E R S
      (sorry i haven't really been playing! I kinda got bored wicked fast RIP)

    • Thanks hun <3<3

    • I WAS KIND OF CONFUSED ABOUT THE SON but I rolled with it omg

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