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Username: vinston
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 4:45 pm

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yoo !
( i missed out on alot lmao )
costumes : pirate, steampunk, mythic
pets : autumn catbat, sorcerer witchy ♥, black seapony, lava turty, island turty ♥, elaborate chest ♥, multi hydra, dragon basilisk, emerald kirin, horned seal, horned bun, gold lung dragon, leucistic ball python, sun bearded dragon, tan points corgi, all slow loris, brown echidna, sewn manatee ♥, sand sphinx, red mouthed fly trap, green rapti, white moth, horned caterpillar, tropical angelfish

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    • your art style is beautiful!

    • Yo would you want to be put on the pinglist for new adopts? Hopefully some more will be ready tomorrow-ish, if you're at all interested :o

    • Ahh I noticed you bought my lil demon armadillo design, thanks so much dude
      I got an adopt shop with more designs like that, wink wink nudge nudge ;)

    • I love your art! Do you have a commission thread or anything like that? :o

    • Happy New Year!
      Heres hoping your year is bright and shiny!

    • Your painties are amazing! Do you plan on taking commissions?

    • YOUR PAINTIES ARE THE CUTEST THINGS im so sorry for screaming but ahhhhuhibomok1665(5,7?5,:a<3333


    • Your painties are beautiful! I love your art style so much!

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