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User ID: #28538
Username: Anarchie
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 28 Jun 2017, 12:20 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:19 pm

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Hey! I'm Mags!

☆Name: Magpie Anarchie
☆Pronouns: ei/eir/eirs/eirself.
they/them is also fine!
☆Time Zone: US Eastern
If it's between 9 PM and 7 AM site time, I'm probably offline/asleep!

anarchie @ weasylaviary #4075 @ flight risinganarchaex @ twitter

I am (we are) a multiple system, Magpie is an A-OK name for all of us though if you don't know/remember who's fronting! Most of the villagers here are folks in the system. Except Lunar. Lunar is my cat and she loves you.

If you send a random friend request, I'd appreciate if you let me know where you came across me! I get curious is all. c:

Villagers 16

Comments 25

    • thank you so muchhh, i tried to make him as soft and as beautiful as possible, so i'm glad you like it!! also double thanks, hopefully in time, my weird little group of poorly named furries will become a much chubbier weird little group of poorly named furries ( v ___ v )

    • Ah, been there, done that! Hope moving works out for you! ^^

    • Woah, your painties are amazing! Do you happen to do commissions? Or requests? qwq

    • ey do you have a art shop here on here?
      Id love to get a ref of my werewoof -w-

    • -w-
      Ya i hope it all does.
      Would you be ok with me sending a request? Ya'know so i dont lose ya?

    • Hey!! Ya it is the same roko. And well im alive so i suppose thats good.
      I love your all your different characters, they look amazing!
      Anyway hope your doing well to!

    • omg jeez and i've seen your painties around too, what the heckie. I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE MAGPIE HERE BTW jeez your characters are all so lovely ;w;

    • I adore your doctor villager!! ;w;

    • Aah, thank you so much for the kind comment you made on Azelix's page! It really means a lot, thank you! ;v;

    • thank you so much !! ouo im glad you think so!
      and go on ahead, just make sure to link back to my profile somewhere!! <33

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