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User ID: #29356
Username: gemleader
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 8 Nov 2017, 2:37 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:43 pm

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⭐️ Mica - they/them ⭐️

Hi!! I'm mica and tbh I didn't really expect to get into this game but here I am.

Thank you to anyone who comments on my painties!! ;v; they're mostly pastel or star related because you know I gotta draw the Aesthetic™

Currently trying to get a Gembound Morphing Potion - Furdollar Goal: 717/2000

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    • Thank you for visiting my stall full of all possible item types! I hope that we may do business again soon. :)

    • You're welcome, and thank you! ^-^

    • thank you so much for the kind comment on Cresalick C:

    • oh my gosh! i'm so happy to see your beautiful lil beastie! Flicker is absolutely precious and i have to say that i'm in love <3

    • Thank you for buying my medicine :)

    • oooooo! good luck getting your next space! it's so exciting when you get one XD <3

    • thank you again for the trade! i'm so excited for my dutch angel <3

    • sent the wicker potion over~ excited!

    • awesome! i look forward to our trade! -happy bounce- and no worries about the delay~ we all have lives <3

    • Thanks for buying! :D

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