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User ID: #2970
Username: Sigilmancy
Gender: Agender
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:49 pm

Profile description

Hi everyone! You can call me Nox, Sig or Sigil. Whatever floats your boat :)

26 - Agender - they/them/their prounouns
Sex repulsed asexual - Panromantic
Pisces - Hufflepuff - ISTP
Chaotic Neutral - Team Valor

Villagers 18

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    • Are you sure? That's a pretty big loss, I honestly don't mind returning them. I'd at least like to send some FD your way for compensation if that's alright <3

    • Hi! I take it those toothy tokens were meant to be 2 FD each, not 2 FC? I grabbed 'em quick so that if it was a mistake I could send them back ^^

    • Are you also Sigilmancy on Flight Rising?? I'm basicblack1986 on there too!!

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