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User ID: #32008
Username: Kaisen11
Gender: Two-Spirit
Last Online: 6 Mar 2021, 1:38 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:31 pm

Profile description

Hey there! I go by the name Kaisen!

I'm PST time; two hours behind Furvilla's clock! :3

I LOVE video games; especially Splatoon, Pokemon, and Digimon.

I'm around alot of sights such as Flight Rising ( Kaisen ) , Furaffinity ( KaisenKazuki ), and I'm on tumblr too! ( KaisenKazuki.tumblr.com )

I'm shy but I love meeting new friends and getting to know others who have similar intrests and love for video games, don't hesitate to PM me! :3

I also love Role-playing! ( This means if you, the person staring now is intrested in my characters and wanna rp feel free to hit me a message ^^ details on what can be discussed there )

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      It's always fine to let out your inner Squid Kid. <:3

    • thank you! I'm happy she got through too ;w;

    • Didn't want to make another comment in the rating thread because it'd probably screw things up bUT this is where my sig comes from! :0 http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/skins/project-2016 The part I've got comes from typing in "freedom" when it asks you to type and clicking around a little!!
      Not sure if you play league or not but if you do and you looked at the teaser page there that's probably why you know the quote ah! Figured I'd link in case you wanted to know where it was from c:

    • 09b51c8a13ce968c9fd2b9ca3821794f.png

    • Thank you ever so kindly!

    • Oh, the resemblance is actually uncanny! I'm not familiar with the series, but I definitely see how you thought of it.

    • Oh, what Digimon might that be?

    • Thank you!! <3

    • Thanks so much for complimenting Lovely!

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