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Username: Merci
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:01 pm

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Hapa pride|Artist|Cosplayer|Video Gamer|LGBTA+3e_by_jackalgiana-db9qeit.gif
When all hope bleeds out,
What remains is doubt,
Should have left it all for you for tomorrow.
As your time draws near,
Will you live in fear?
Could have left it all for you,
But we let go.

My brother and my girlfriend both play on this site; we all share the same IP address! My girlfriend's username is ReplayLight and my brother's username is Okami. We're a small and simple squad who has decided to help each other out with our chosen careers.

I still come online every once in a while. Although I don't really participate in much stuff, I'm interested in browsing around to see what comes of this site. If you're ever interested in messaging me, feel free to do so! I'm also willing to discuss trading items for currencies on other sites, primarily Flight Rising and Chicken Smoothie. My villagers will stay with my account, but I do have items that I'm willing to sell.

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    • Ok cool. I plan to put a drawing or something on my profile too when I have the time. But of course I'll be doing it myself because don't like spending money XP

    • Lmao. I assume Tina didn't pay u either then? XP

    • Do you mean he commissioned you as in paid you actual money for it or?

    • Btw I think the coolest wolfsona(?) belongs to your bro XP

    • Oh ok lol

    • Merci I still don't get how to overlap the images though

    • Merci JFC That sounds way to complicated for my tiny brain

    • You are going to kill me trying to figure out how you made the pictures overlap and be clickable to different links. *rage face*

  • Comment has been hidden

    • aha, thanks! i always love seeing other cs members around other websites c:

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