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User ID: #34163
Username: TannyFox
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Aug 2019, 9:56 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 5:58 am

Profile description

She/her | 15+ hours ahead fv time


Pokemon :

I'm team Mystic~
My Top Five Favourites:
Ivysaur, Raichu, Nidorina, Alolan Vulpix, Dragonite

Anime :

Favourites: SAO, Clannad, Attack on Titan, The Helpful Fox Senko-san.
I've watched 30+ animes.

Disney Movies :

Oh man oh man oh man!
I have at least 70 DVD's of them in a box. (Bluerays can't play on anything in an emotional emergency)
Favourite Character is Stitch. :P
I pretty much like all Disney movies.

Drawing / Writing :

I have Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/tannyfox?rnrd=267775

Reading :

I've read others too... I'm currently reading Harry Potter

Animals :

I own a lizard named Max. She has her own FB page. "Fabuliz Max"
She is the most Fabulous Lizard around! :3
I have a cat aswell named Pyukumuku. (Pyu)"
Her FB page is called "Gracious Pyukumuku

My favourite animal. Fox. Definitely Fox.

Fluffy Plush Toys :

I love fluffy plush toys a lot. I have a lot. My favourite one is a beige dog named Suey. They ALL have names. I have an updated picture of my collection on my Deviantart.

Chat to me if you want to~ I am a very friendly person and I'm always open to new friends! Just message me your name and hobbies and we can go from there!

Villagers 11

Comments 10

    • If I can ask - are you open for commisions ? And if yes - what's the prize ? FC, FD, real money ?

    • Wanted to let you know! :3 I made a new paintie from your edited cat base on free to use paintie database! ^_^\||

    • Daww thank you! Your painties are pretty nice too. My favorite of yours is Yinya. ^_^\||

    • thank you for your kind comment on Danny!

    • Thank you for the nice comment glad you like my character

    • Thank you! Cecilia certainly appreciates the compliment~

    • Can I create a Google Classroom for the YouTube series so you can assign work and we can give in stuff?

    • Thank you for the compliments!! Your villagers are very cute~

    • Thank you!

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