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User ID: #34307
Username: Shelby
Last Online: 30 Apr 2017, 3:01 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:33 am

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shelby, 22
i'm an american living in germany
fv blog tumblr_mc7ucwVNZq1qbs47q.gif dog

i'm actually a really big nerd for neopets

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    • No! They were just switched around, you put your common seeds on my rares and vica versa~ xD

    • Thank you for your dedication to the cause. ;)

    • Haha, close enough, thanks for the trade~ :)

    • You're very welcome! C:
      Any seeds will do really, my Doctor still needs to master a lot of meds. ;u;

    • I am here to inquire about your dog's shenanigans

    • Oh, you give it to a warrior pet to fight for your team ^^

    • aah shelby i missed seeing you here !!
      and thank you ;w;

    • I knoooow D: I haven't had much to contribute to the neoblog lately because since the AC I haven't really been on neo so I haven't been on tumblr much either :c

    • hi shelby!! it's fy0ra :o

    • i completely forgot to say "hi pal" back like 2 weeks ago hi shelby

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