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User ID: #35158
Username: NebulaKitten
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 10 Jul 2022, 11:39 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 9:43 am

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    • aaa sankyuu <3 okay, well I'll be here if you need me when you get round to it~!
      i'm like online 24/7 lmao what is my life

    • Ah sweet! what a lovely gift. <3 and thankyou! Mine was by the very talented alxq. :3
      No problem; if you need help feel free to hmu and I'll do what I can to help! I love pixeling haha. ♡

    • Hihi! According to Wikipedia, 'A userbox (commonly abbreviated as UBX) is a small colored box designed to appear only on a Wikipedian's user page as a communicative notice about the user, in order to directly or indirectly help Wikipedians collaborate more effectively on articles.' Since then I think they just spread because I see a lot of people with them on other sites, so I thought I'd make my own for my sig because I think they're cute. :3

      I made my own in MS Paint using either my own pixels or F2U pixels, but there is an online userbox maker here and there are some tumblr archives/resources that you can find them too, like this one. :3 I hope that helps! Beautiful css btw. *O*

    • Thank you <3

    • Oh! Oops! Of course I'll send a 20k right back! c:

    • Mama hates you. . .

    • huh what :^)

    • I was just listening to that!

    • War, war never changes.

    • That's just an irl example of tokens and meeting quotas. Not that I think it's bad that organizations and companies need to have a minimum in women, impaired, etc workers for sake of equality, but when it comes to doctors I wouldn't care about race or gender, I want someone who knows their stuff XD

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