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User ID: #36385
Username: Macbeth
Gender: Agender/Male
Last Online: 28 Sep 2017, 4:09 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 12:46 pm

Profile description

DkGJZV9.png Z9eyftA.png

i am a very bad man

INTJ | True Neutral | 25 | he/him | FV Time -1 hour
written text usually analyzed as ISTJ

just wants a quiet life
free from all these kinkshamers
i watch a lot of star trek tng and jjba
i am the king of uncanny valley
my favorite artist is Benjamin Bennett


Yes, I am that Mac. No, I do not mind friend requests.
I mostly lurk. Everywhere.

If I make you uncomfortable in any way, I do not take being blocked personally.
I would rather you make your environment safe/fit for you.

***I'm flexible and learn at a decent pace, so feel free to talk to me if I post anything offensive. I won't take offense and will NOT tone police if you're angry.***

**I am currently on art hiatus until at least JUNE**
(sans current commissions and freelance contracts)
Feel free to message me if you have concerns regarding the former.

There is no such thing as "true", or "good", art.

Have a lovely day.

Free Warm-up Doodles

About Me
Steam (Yoshikage Kira)
Tumblr: CommonersKing
Aywas: Yoshikage Kira (#8188)
Skype: HipsterSpectric
Discord: hypocriteCannibal #2342

**Please don't add me on skype/discord randomly unless you're over 18**
(Not to be rude, but otherwise, It's kind of creepy?)
Additionally, if you use "autistic" as an insult, do not bother adding me.

Current Goals:
+Village Seeds Masteries
+Give Out More Free Doodles
+More FD for painties!
+A Moment of Good Health to Create Painties
-MERGE paintie
-Tanuki Paintie
-Taxidermy Gore Paintie
-Sona paintie
+Do the Frick Frack with CSS

Ink artwork featured is by Araki Hirohiko.
Pixel Flags by Lu.
Background by Me.

Villagers 17

Comments 80

    • MacDaddy

    • Pretty much the same as OneSmartChicken here, I love Sam's paintie, and I'd love it if you'd maybe stick me on a pinglist for general art (and painties) if you have one? :3

    • Yes hello I just saw this paintie and figured I'd do the obvious thing and come over here to stalk the fuck outta you.

    • Thank you to the kind person who healed my construction worker by sending me medicine. I didn't notice through his repair jobs. Thank you so much!

    • Oh my, thank you! :o

    • Everything OK? I messaged you.

    • Hello! I noticed that you like magic pengel as well!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Thanks for the fix-up! Now Sandy can continue bummin' it in a house until I force her to get a job and stop being a royal laze about.

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