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User ID: #36871
Username: NeonLogic
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:50 pm

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The names Julia but you can just call me Neon.
Or whatever you wish to call me...
Logic | Inky | JayJay | Jewels | HoneyBadger | That Guy |
My main fursona is a clouded leopard named Inky My second is a wild dog named Zaynah
Nerdius americanus | female | 26

I am on Central time, the same as FV.
I Graduated from UTC. got a B.S. in biology:ecology and a minor in psychology.

My dream job is to go work in the clouded leopard breeding program at my local zoo, but right now I help take care of my dad at home after he had a severe stroke.

I have ADHD and AVPD. Also I'm super awkward so I apologize ahead of time

I'm very laid back so send a message to talk wheneve
I am as cruel as I am kind also Don't let my bright personality trick you, I can be quite dark

I love doing art, And I have done all my own painties along with some commissioned painties so look out for those haha.
I also have some custom bases done you can use for free.
My dA and FA
I do have some more mature stuff and gore but it all is labeled as such properly.
The program I use is ArtRage, I have recently started using firealpaca and I'm terrible at coding.
CSS coding for my profile and villagers was all due to helpful sources and lots of figuring out.

My Sexual orientation is whateverwhocares
I am taken.
Don't hit on me. Your courting tactics bore me.

My favorite color is purple, and I love the combination of purple and blue.

I am making the rounds to all the villages. I started in Olde Foxbury and will end in Foxbury.
Currently in Tigereye Peak next destination still in the air.

Villagers 19

Comments 6

    • Thanks! Yup, Ajay is a clouded leopard c: I sorta messed it up with the villager though, because I added the paintie of my other fursona to it. I'll fix it soon so 'Jay can be back to their usual spotted self ovo
      Your sona looks very nice!

    • aaa thank you kindly!! ; v ; your coding is v neat btw! love the slide-in effect

    • omg lovely villagers and css
      where did you get the space bg from? can never find any repeat galaxy patterns

    • Hallo your villagers are all so beautiful!! ;w;

    • I'm glad that you chose my stall of items from all around Furvilla from which to purchase your needed supply. Thank you for visiting! Check back regularly as I try to keep my prices low for everyone. ~^w^~ If you need anything please don't hesitate to send me a PM. I hope that we may do business again soon. :)

    • Love your Manokits! So cute! I want one based off a Great White Shark.

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