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User ID: #37756
Username: Suicune5678
Gender: Female
Last Online: 27 Aug 2018, 2:34 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:35 pm

Profile description

Ahoy friends!

I do commissions and things every so often, so if you'd like one my thread is right here for Chibis and here for everything else I offer.
I also write Fanfiction on this website here and this one as well.
Did I mention I was a YouTuber? Yeah my name is Captain Vixey and my channel is right here.

So hi.
I have many names and you may call me by any of them along with any pronoun because a name is just a name and I also couldn't care less.

My goals?
On Furvilla I want to get an army of awesome Furries in Pirate Costumes. Yes I know... That's crazy but I love pirates.
I also want to master every animal in the game and at some point, upload a paintie for a Shifty but I have neither the FD or the Shifty to do that.
Meh, a kid can dream.

But irl I want to be an animator.
Or an adventure fiction writer.
Or to just do anything meaningful to the world in general.

What I believe?
It's your life. Do what you damn well wanna do with it, but if you can feel time moving then go do something else, because you're not living your life.
This is why I get teachers shouting at me to stop drawing on my hand. Seriously, one time I got so bored I managed to completely cover my arm, from my fingertips to my elbow. This was in a single school day as well.

What do I do?
I play a lot of games. Persona 4, Okami, Portal 2 and Final Fantasy XIII to name a few of the more recent ones. Also Pokémon Go is a thing now. That's fun, (Sometimes,)

You should smile more. In fact, everyone should. You all deserve to be happy and your existence definitely matters and counts for something. Your reading this right? That's already making me feel a whole lot better and it's hopefully doing the same for you.

Have a great summer.
You deserve it.

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    • Are you active still?

    • What do I do if I post in your wish granting thread and someone posts wishes under me but never grants any of mine? I love that thread so much and I'm really glad you started it but this made me kinda sad :(

    • Thank you for purchasing, I hope the medicine worked :)

    • yw! i saw you on the villager stereotypes topic-

      my chrome crashed a lot when i was trying to check my css while i was making it, i learned my lesson about using huge detailed images..

    • You're welcome! <3

    • Aaaaaa, thanks for all the items. ;w;

    • Oop, I mean plants! xD <3

    • Thanks for the seeds! C:

    • Thanks for the seeds! :D

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