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User ID: #129407
Username: -Dusty-
Gender: Male
Last Online: 13 Apr 2021, 8:54 pm
Registered: 26 Mar 2019, 7:36 pm

Profile description

Hey Gamers!

:-:-:-: Dusty :-:-:-:

:-:-:-: He/Him :-:-:-:

If you've got a wishlist, send me it! I'd be happy to help if I can!

Fun fact about me:
I originally was in Dragonsmaw, but it wasn't my type of town. So I moved to foxbury instead!

Yes, this entire village will soon be "Dustified".

Villagers 12

Comments 36

    • Oh, my bad, I thought you had, I'll send something else

    • Aaaah thank you!

    • Love all your dusty designs!

    • No, please elaborate

    • aa did you draw your icon?

    • Hey there!! Thank you/// I do indeed, I'm sort of USD only atm but if you're still interested, you can check it here! ;v;

    • Thank you n_n

    • Aaaa thank you so much! And it was an artist on ArtFight who made it - lemme see if I can find their info!

    • Very nice~ I do hope you enjoyed yourself there~! Was a lot of fun doing stuff with FV people again x3

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