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User ID: #37913
Username: shazzifunk
Gender: Genderless
Last Online: 13 Nov 2020, 2:00 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:54 pm

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Check out my DeviantArt page!

My name is Shazzy, and I am a full-time artist. I like to play furvilla in the mornings before work :) I'm very fond of collecting art of my characters, so feel free to PM me if you are offering commissions!

Instagram: commander-booty-call
Furry Amino: shazzykatana
FurAffinity: shazzykatana

+Main Quests+
1. Collect the animals
2. Collect the plushies

+Side Quests+
1. Collect ALL the pink things!!! (PM me about trades for rare/super rare items)

My current goals include collecting as many plushies as I can (magical or otherwise), breeding lots of super rare pets, and just having a good time! My gallery is "The Pink Gallery", so if you're wondering why there are so many common items in it, that's why >_o

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    • Whoops, I was trying to look at your profile because your character looked familiar, and then accidently hit the add friend button, and then when I tried to remove the friend request I accidently blocked you, and then had to go unblock you x'D

      Anyways snazzy looks really familiar, do you have a furry amino by chance?

    • I have the artists who made them tagged, you should definitely go check them out!

    • No but I want one. :( I love them so. I have a little diamond dove and that's the closest I've had to a pigeon.

    • Hey, I wanted to tell you, I saw you didn't know how to post pictures so I decided to help. I just use imgur and upload the image there and post the BB code it gives, home this can help ^^

    • Your art is amazing! <3

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