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User ID: #39851
Username: Supernatural
Gender: Evil
Last Online: 4 Mar 2021, 10:28 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:09 pm

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Hello! Welcome~
Kit || She/Her
One hour behind server time.

☁ I am no longer active and lurk here every couple months! ☁


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    • same! gosh it sure has been a while... i'm almost tempted to rewatch it.
      i'm craving haikyuu a great deal atm though. >.< i miss it so much?? it's definitely one of my top favourite animes, makes me feel all cosy n' warm!

    • it's okay, i don't bite at all! :''0
      thank you so much -- i need to vamp it up a lil' sometime soon! i need to add more info, maybe a bit more decoration too! ♡ (eheh im glad you like it! YOI is such a wholesome anime i ca n t)

    • gently and shyly slides on your page bc you actually seem incredibly friendly qwq
      [beautiful gif of mew as well hrknryjy aaa ;//w//; ]

    • Would you ever trade your beautiful Candle Wick?

    • You forum sig bring me joy daily, and your painties are great. You is a cool.

    • Your paintees are gorgeous!

    • I swear whenever I see your avi all that goes through my head is: Does Jumin Han is gay?

      Send help ;u;

    • thank you for the hippo :)

    • Thank you so much for the kind words you left on Azelix's page! It really means a lot. ;v;

    • thank you!! :3 i spent wayyyy too much time on the css >.>""

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