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User ID: #41081
Username: cedes
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Jan 2021, 11:12 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:56 pm

Profile description

Hey everyone! I'm cedes, 23, and just love all these cutie villagers.

I prefer keeping conversations in whatever forum a conversation starts rather than PMs! Unless otherwise mentioned~~

I don't really follow any fandoms except pokemon I guess, and am honestly easily overwhelmed by all the fandoms out there and threads and content etcccc *o*;;;

I have a furvilla tumblr! It's not the prettiest but I enjoy ittt

My villagers are representations of animals that make me think of my human ocs lol. I tried to keep them in the character's personatilies, but got a tad obsessed with animal husbandry ROFL. justatad

Anyways! I'm an artist, and you can have my dA and RLC links!

Villagers 17

Comments 22

    • Ohh it must've been on that free pet thread? Thank you <3

      I'm so forgetful whoops :')

    • What would you like in return for all of the pets?

    • Yaaas, yaaas. Ily. (pets)

    • wow so many villagers o-o;;; I need to catch up

    • Always an A+ trading experience, you're great! :D

    • You're very welcome!

    • yeah, exactly! i'm just trying to get them all domesticated and out of the stables so then I can like, start fresh with a new batch that'll still be easy to domesticate because I've done em before xD

    • Thank you for all your purchases!!

    • It's taking me so long to domesticate everything, it's crazy! ;o;

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