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Username: XiaoShixun86
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:23 am

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Art Shop!

Thank you Anonymous!! Whoever you are thank you! I really appreciate it! ;u;

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    • Okay, then tell me by PM

    • Eirlili
      I would definitely accept art if you would like to offer that! QwQv Im fine either way so no worries! ;w;

    • Mm, but I still want to pay you back, would offering some art be alright?

    • Eirlili
      No need to pay me back! It was a gift for you!! QwQ

    • Thank you so much, I promise to pay you back once I finish paying for the things I need

    • Lacerne You're so welcome! I'm really glad that you like them! I had really fun with them! ;w; That would be so nice of you and I would really appreciate it! Alright! Thank you! And again, I'm glad you liked them! ^^

    • Ooh, thank you, they turned out so cool! ^_^, Love them, since you did two, i'll try to work on getting a bonus one back to you within a week or so next time i claim a piece! ^_^ (it'll just be like a little bonus ping as a thank you for doing them both, to keep things balanced with a 1:1 to offset the lion twins! :D )

    • @Lacrene
      Hi there! I'm working on those right now! They should be done sometime soon! ;w;b I didn't forget cha! XD

    • (Oh beep! ^_^, just checking in on how the doodles coming along for the thread! Always good to see new faces! )

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