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Username: InfernalFelidae
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:37 am

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27-year old Geek, Gamer and Digital Artist
Just excited to have a new platform to play around with and chat with other like-minded folk.



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1836-flowering-gaiacat.png 2096-cumulonimbus-thundercat.png2259-purple-myst-aerkit.png3021-stardust-kitterpillar.png624-ragamuffin-flitten.png
407-autumn-catbat.png 3297-calico-owlikit.png 3690-tutti-frutti-candy-flion.png 3588-maine-coon-cat-in-the-box.png 1654-rainbow-cloud-cat.png
3227-boba-manatea.png 3573-enchanted-pond-kelpie.png 3701-honey-teddy-bear.png 3759-bright-light-firefly.png

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    • No witchy yet! I've got a deal set up with someone for one later in the month, so if nothing goes wrong with that plan, I should have one around the 19th or so. c:

    • Thank you tons, Infernal! TTuTT

    • FFffff well if any of my Chests pop out a Golden one again, I'll send it your way. :3

    • Thank you so much~ Would you like anything in return for all this hassle? xD

    • Let's take a gamble and you can send me the offspring. Even if it's male, no biggie, I've got a spare breeding potion in storage. :D

    • Awesome, thanks for the heads up! :D

    • Ahhhh she's pretty! :D Great character design, I always love bows or trinkets on tails for some reason. She'll make an adorable paintie ^-^

    • FFFFfffml I tried breeding the two goldens to see if I got another golden, so I could send it over to you but I got a damn normal chest. xD It's breedable again on the 29th, I'll try again then and see what happens, hopefully better luck then lol. Yeah good luck breeding the pet your hubs wants, the rarities are fickle!
      Also, whoo new designs! What kinda character is it? o3o

    • I still haven't gotten lucky with another catbat, but I had a hiccup of luck breeding chests and managed to get a golden one off a single pairing, so there's that. xD How've you been? Snatchin' up any more catbats lately? I haven't kept an eye on the market, been focusing a bit more on breeding, but not much luck there qwq

    • Alright, that sounds like a good plan to me. c: I'm holding out hope haha, but I cut back my husbandos for a while, so the collection grind is slow business. qwq

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