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User ID: #41696
Username: InfernalFelidae
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:37 am

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27-year old Geek, Gamer and Digital Artist
Just excited to have a new platform to play around with and chat with other like-minded folk.



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1836-flowering-gaiacat.png 2096-cumulonimbus-thundercat.png2259-purple-myst-aerkit.png3021-stardust-kitterpillar.png624-ragamuffin-flitten.png
407-autumn-catbat.png 3297-calico-owlikit.png 3690-tutti-frutti-candy-flion.png 3588-maine-coon-cat-in-the-box.png 1654-rainbow-cloud-cat.png
3227-boba-manatea.png 3573-enchanted-pond-kelpie.png 3701-honey-teddy-bear.png 3759-bright-light-firefly.png

Villagers 10

Comments 68

    • i love your signature!! it matches your villager and vista perfectly!

    • Thank you so much!! >w< <3 Happy Holidays~

    • :D thank you!

    • Thank you! Happy holidays! <3

    • Thank you for the paws!

    • Hello! Really like your work <3 And your profile image is super cool X3

    • Oof, you done bamboozled me lmao

    • Are those punkaboos from pokemon is the background? They are so cute! ^w^

    • Thank you very much for the cash/dollars, this is very generous of you! You are a kind person :)

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