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User ID: #41905
Username: MarsinOz
Gender: Female
Last Online: 30 Apr 2020, 7:32 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 1:23 am

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Hello. I'm Mars (#128) from Aywas. If you know me from there, feel free to add me!

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    • You are welcome, and Happy Halloween! X3

    • Thanks for the jack-o-lantern!

    • hey no problem' it was an exciting match! :D

    • Not really to be honest, there was a fight club on the forums where people would pick certain days/times to play PvP but everyone seems to have given up on it. I've been waiting for an hour or so to get a match before. D: I think it's probably because they haven't updated the tourney shop, maybe when they add new items to it people will be interested again. ^-^;

    • Lol thank you! Sorry you keep bumping into me, I don't think many people are playing PvP at the moment sadly. Hope you have a lovely day! <3

    • It was right before the announcement was put up so I think I more got stuck as they were setting up the event and it just worked in my favor lol. The dog is a nightmare to get, from the guide I saw earlier it's Ask her name -> Ask what she grows -> Ask again -> Ask for green tea -> Pretend you know what she's talking about. That's the only route that results in a plush so far that anyone's posted. But getting past her name is proving to be a huge pain in the butt. She's super stuck up. XD

    • I think the first day was just lucky all around, I got 3 magic plushes day 1 and I think 8 non magic. One explorer round I got the raccoon to pop up all 20 turns. Since then I've barely gotten anyone to pop up. Solarcrest looks awesome as a Warrior Princess!

    • The Queen Bee, which I thought about straight swapping you for that one, but then my friend shouting that Peyton can go choke himself came to mind. She's gotten him to pop up several times but he always vanishes with no reward lol.

    • No problem! I've got a friend who got the magic plush I want the most, and the only one she wants from this event is the gecko. So everyone wins! :D

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