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Username: sharkies
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:07 am

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she/her | 19

im sharkies ( u may know me from other places as sharkees or sharkytails!)
i like sharks and all i do is draw or play overwatch
i don't accept friend requests unless we're actually friends sry!
all my villagers painties are done by me unless otherwise specified in their profile.

i am friendly but i have sleep/interaction issues so if i ever stop replying to pms/comment chains im sry! sometimes i just need a bit of a break from talking to people and its nothing personal!
(or i'm asleep)

You can add me on league @ Sharkees (both oce and NA) altho i rarely play anymore.
Feel free to PM for my battlenet if you would like to play Overwatch together (I play on Americas server!)


cervine is my transcendent pocket deerwife.

~~~ accepting paintie commissions (USD ONLY) ~~~

~~~ accepting paintie trades*~~~

*i am selective in regards to skill/style so please don't be hurt if I turn you down! i might also become suddenly busy with school work/commissions/projects etc

Villagers 5

Comments 23

    • typically i contact ppl who express interest and ask to send half payment up front to recieve the files, then since its basically your paintie from there on out, send the other bit!

      if you're fine with tossing it all at once that's fine too, the bases are a much faster transaction than waiting for one of my premades to get accepted!

    • hello im super tired BUT i will get back to you about the wooden horse paint ASAP!! thanks in advance for your patience

    • NO U

    • NO U

    • U r my best ♥

    • Thank you so much! I love all of your painties btw!♥

    • hello, saw your paintie on Vialheart and im just here to tell you that you did an amazing job on her! :")

    • I love stickey..

    • ponki ;; -pokes sticky curiously-

    • hehehe hellooo

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